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Iden Ferns Airgun Club East Sussex TN31 7UT

Club Competition Starts on the 2nd Sunday of April lots of prizes to be had at the end of the year spread the word really want this to be a success.

All Competition Dates have now been added to the Website Calendar


Iden Ferns Airgun Club was established in 2007. The shooting venue is Iden Wood Fishery, located off Coldharbour Lane between Peasmarsh and Iden in East Sussex. Once on the fishery, follow the track until you come to the airgun ranges on the right. Here you will find a clearly designated car parking area.  Those without an airgun can hire one from the club for £10 for the day. There are full PCP air re-charging facilities on site together with food hot/cold drinks and toilet facilities.

We shoot every Saturday, Sunday throughout the year from 10am until 6pm inclement weather never interrupts shooting either - just bring a warm jacket with you. There are no minimum standards to becoming a member at Iden Ferns. You just have to want to enjoy the lawful use of air guns. 

For those of you residing in or near to East Sussex , this shooting facility is well placed. Some of our members travel considerable distances to use this excellent shooting facility. Whether experienced competitive shooter or novice there are plenty of good reasons to try and hone your skill at Iden Ferns. Remember that Iden Ferns is a walk-in facility where you don't need to book an appointment, if you prefer then simply turn up at the venue. 

Club Fee's & Membership

Non-members are charged £9 a day without restriction. Membership is £35 yearly which entitles you to a discounted day rate of £7 and chance to represent the club in Competitions.

About The HFT Course

 We run a Club Competition once a Month for all paid up Members.Our HFT course follows the UKAHFT rules consisting of 30 metal knockdown targets at distances ranging from 8 to 45 yards.The Simmons and knock-over targets are laid out in consecutive lanes, with each lane comprising of a lane marker (usually its number), a peg, a target reset string, and of course the target itself. The main skill of HFT is target range estimation, because the target ranges are not actually shown. It is this skill that makes a "marksman" shooter. Of course, you need to know your equipment too! The best thing about HFT is practice makes perfect! You get two-minutes to shoot each target, although most people take less than a minute. As already mentioned, each lane has a peg - the shooter must be touching this peg by his/her body or gun when the shot is fired. When shooting, contestants may adopt one of three stances: prone (lying down), kneeling, and standing. It’s that simple!

About The SHFT Course

Iden Ferns SHFT course consists 42 lanes that can be shot standing, kneeling, sitting or prone providing either the shooter or gun is touching the lane peg. Targets consist of knock-down Simmonds or variable kill zone and plate. There are also some additional ?bespoke? targets designed by club members. The club takes it?s name from the unique fern covered woodland setting, where the FERNS, lanes 1 ? 20 can be shot. Then simply ?stroll? along the secluded woodland path and across the small bridge to shooting the LAKE, lanes 21 ? 32 from a central lake surrounded island. This unique 360 degree course presents another set of challenges, with wind and water pressure making for some very entertaining sport. Then its on to the CHICKENS lanes 21 - 30 to finish off the course.

Safety & Insurance

We place a strong emphasis on safety and responsible behavior and expect all members and visitors to abide by these common sense safety rules. That said, like most SFT and HFT clubs we are a very friendly bunch who enjoy the socializing and humorous side of things as much as the shooting itself.

Iden Ferns is fully insured against recreational and airgun sporting activities. You may use any air rifle/air pistol here as long as it is within the UK power limit of 12 ft/lbs. If you are unsure of the power your gun is producing the club will gladly chrono it for you.

UKaHFT Affiliated Club


Iden Ferns Airgun Club 
Iden Wood Fishery 
Coldharbour Lane 
East Sussex 
TN31 7UT